Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So you need more visitors to your site …
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is your golden ticket!


Let’s get one thing straight: having a great website is great, but its only great if people are actually visiting and interacting with it.  There’s no value in design, animations, pictures, etc. if none of your target audience is ever seeing any of it.  Design elements and other “cool things” are only the icing on the cake when it comes to creating and managing a successful website.

One more thing: having a site with lots of visitors is great, but its only great if those visitors are actually interested in what you’re showing them on your site. Again, there’s no value in large numbers of visitors to your site if they’re not going to be compelled to take any action as a result of visiting your site.  You could have thousands of people coming to your website, but they’ll click that “back” button and leave in a matter of seconds (actually, even less) if your site isn’t what they were looking to find.

With so much competition on the internet, its important for you and your organization, business, etc. to have an internet marketing strategy that includes search engine optimization.  As you begin your battle for a share of search traffic, you’ll probably have lots of questions:

Why doesn’t my website show up in the search results?

How can I get online searchers to visit my site instead of my competitors’?

Are the people visiting my site actually people who are relevant to my industry, business, or organization?

If you want relevant and regular traffic (visitors) coming into your site, you’ll have to regularly and continuously work on your site’s optimization.

Optimizing your website for search engines is a fundamental requirement that needs to be focused on right from the get-go.

  • Your website should be “search engine friendly”
  • Search engines need to be able to crawl (read) your website and store data about its content so that it can be quickly pulled from their index when people are searching online.
  • Your website should have interesting, high-quality, and unique content
  • If your content is poorly structured, boring, useless, or just a cheap copy of something else, most search engines will catch on pretty quickly. And of course, your visitors won’t want to waste time on your site either.
  • Your website should be linked to by others sites related to your industry, your potential clients, etc.
  • If other people are referring to your site, chances are, it’s got great content. Links from other related websites, social media posts and shares, etc. really help boost your site’s SEO strategy and rankings in search results pages.

Here’s a video explaining some things that should be considered in your SEO strategy for your new website:


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