Web Design

You need a great looking site that not only wows your visitors but also converts them into paying clients!

NaQi Web Development provides professional and affordable web design that is sure to help you reach your online marketing goals. We’re not just in the business of building websites; we’re in the business of building businesses. Our web design process is geared towards reaching your individual goals and providing you the results you’ve been looking for.

Our website designs help you to reduce the amount of time you spend on Internet marketing by making sites that are easy to use, update, and publicize.

Website Design Features

Content Management System – Visually Appealing Design – Search Engine Friendly – Cross-Browser Compatibility – Highly Accessible Design – Social Media Integration – Blogging Capability

Content Management System

Content Management Systems make editing, updating, and standardizing your website’s design much easier, quicker, and more reliable.

Visually Appealing Design

Your website should still be aesthetically and visually appealing so your visitors’ senses will be ignited so they have a memorable and enjoyable experience on your site.

Search Engine Friendly

You need a website that can be found in search results, and that’s exactly why we design your site so you’ll see optimal results in the search engines.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Users of the web use many different web browsers to surf the net; we’ll design your site so that your visitors can properly view the site in the most popular and widely used web browsers.

Highly Accessible Design

Your website will be designed so that it is accessible over a wide variety of devices and platforms. Whether its being accessed through a mobile device or simply from a desktop computer, your website should be accessible to those looking at it.

Social Media Sharing & Posting

Blogging Capabilities

Okay, so that’s a little of what we’ve got to offer, but you might still be thinking, “What is web design?”

So you’ve heard the term thrown around a bit, but what does it actually mean?

Well, web design CAN be one of the greatest marketing tools you’ve ever invested in, but only if you’ve trusted a professional web design company or someone who really knows what they’re doing. Anybody can make a “good-looking” website for you (actually you could probably even do that on your own), but what’s more important is focusing on whether or not that “good-looking” site is actually helping you reach your goals.

Good web design is not just about making your website look great, it’s also very much about helping you to increase your exposure to potential clients.

Good web design should engage and persuade your visitors to take action, to contact you, to share your site with others, to order your product or services, and more!

Lets face it, a pretty website isn’t going to just bring in visitors; you have to have real substance under that pretty face. Beauty without brains has never worked for anyone (at least not in the long run), and the same goes for your website’s design. No one (neither people nor the search engines) will care how cool or beautiful your site is if there’s nothing of value to them there. Professional web design involves electronically publishing great content and information that gives your visitors just what that they’ve been looking for and persuades them to continue on to an action you’re hoping they’ll take.

But wait, how do you actually get visitors to come to your site?

Ah, now we’re getting to the reality of good web design.

Getting visitors to your site is one of the most crucial things to think about when starting your web design project. There’s so many things that you can do to increase traffic to your site, but the most cost-effective, efficient, and long term way to do that is by first investing in a search engine friendly, cross browser compatible, and accessible website design.

Uh, that’s a lot of mumbo-jumbo, what does that mean?

Search engine friendly web design involves designing your site with search engines in mind, right from the start. Search engines have a process of indexing sites across the web in order to provide the most relevant and useful sites to search engine users. In order to do actually have your site including in search results, the search engine’s spiders (crawlers, indexers) need to be able to access the information on your site. Making sure your website is easily and regularly indexed in search engines relies very heavily on the way your website was designed and coded.

Cross browser compatible web design involves designing your website to display and function properly across the various different web browsers people use when surfing the web. Some examples of different browsers people use are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Netscape.

Accessible web design involves designing your web site in a way that they can be accessed by a wide variety of devices. Whether your site is being viewed by someone with a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet device, cell phone, or other mobile devices and such, it is important to make sure your website design can adapt and adjust to display properly when using various devices.

Professional web design is part of a great Internet marketing strategy to not only increase your visibility online but to actually lead to some end result that you’ve defined.

Let us help you to increase your exposure online while also making sure you’re reaching your actual goals!